Yosano Town welcomes Mr. Manabu Tago (MTDO inc.) as the creative director for establishing the "Yosano's brand strategy" management system. Along with the Industry Promotion Conference, he has discussed and executed several design management based Industrial promotion policies.

Yosano is currently working to advance several projects including: the "Craft Beer Manufacturing" business plan which uses hop cultivation tests in order to manufacture beer; the "Yosano Open Textile Project" through which young weavers and creators search for further opportunities to incorporate the textile industry; the "Aso Bay Area Master Stimulation Plan Formulation Project"which strives to rebuild the Aso Bay area and establish it as the base of the Yosano Open Textile Project; and a promotion video "Yosano Weaver" in which the workers, who play an essential role in supporting and maintaining the industry, are depicted.

Yosano's branding concept, "A Visible Town" is the governing concept behind all the previously mentioned projects.

Yosano Town is looking back on its history in order to reevaluate what has been lost in the past and strives to use this knowledge to devise ideas and implement necessary actions to improve the livelihood of its citizens.


Yosano is a town thriving with world-class primary and secondary industry. The rich natural landscape of Yosano featuring the Oe mountain range, the Nodagawa river, and the Aso sea has nurtured the town and its industries making it possible for them to thrive.
Yosano is proud to be blessed with such an enriched environment.

The rich environment sustains a stable agricultural industry, the primary industry, which in turn makes high quality commercial distribution (service) possible.

Yosano Town is working to establish a system that provides "Reliance" using the "A Visible Town" concept, while doing what it takes to impact the world and pass the town on to the next generation with industry firmly established as the cornerstone.


Yosano is going to continue to attempt and launch new projects while upholding the three "Visible" principles.

"Safety and Security" is Visible


"Safety and Security" is Visible


Strengthening the base of the key industries and establishing Yosano's eco system.

In the agricultural sector, Yosano is working to establish a "Yosano Agricultural Model" by establishing a farming method which uses organic fertilizer made from beans and promoting a distribution system for distributing agricultural products which is "SOFIX (Soil Fertility Index) " brand certified.

In the textile sector, by shifting our focus to thread making, Yosano is aiming to increase its value so that it can become world renowned textile manufacturing area.

Also, we will establish a "Yosano style eco system" which combines elements of both the agricultural and textile industry.

"Individuality"is Visible


"Individuality" is Visible


Co-creation system building, job creation, and human resource development

Co-creation system building, job creation, and human resource development

Establish a system in which our fastidiousness is compensated for and we are able to at the same time convey Yosano's unique value and superiority to our stakeholders.

Recognising the needs of the value creation, we create the open and creative environment, foster the entrepreneurial spirit and stimulate the product and service.

In order to advance these goals smoothly, Yosano Town governmental, commercial, and industrial sectors must cooperate and work in unison to establish "Yosano's brand strategy team(temporary name)" and strive to become a town that builds systems, creates job, and develops human resources.

"Hospitality" is Visible


"Hospitality" is Visible


Establish the base area of experience and transmission of the VisibileTown.

Establish the base area of experience and transmission of the VisibileTown.

Set the Aso Bay area as the base and design and facilitate a "flow of people, things and information".

Supporting the innovation of key industries and ventures of businessmen and townspeople, we will re-build the town into a place which conveys its charms and beauties to the world and where living a life filled with vitality and abundance is possible.

The main issue that stands in the way of us achieving this goal is the lack of customer touch points (connections between Yosano town and its residents, businessmen, and visitors). We aim to overcome this obstacle by promoting a style of system development which is easily identified with.


Yosano Craft Beer Manufacturing Project

Experimental hop cultivation performed by freelance manufacturer unions; a type of cultivation which is without precedent in Japan..

Establish a foundation for becoming a hop production site and strive to develop craft beer brewing and other industries into the sextiary sector.
Check the NEWS to view the latest information.

Aso Bay Area Project

Setting the Aso Bay area as the base for experiencing, transmitting and publicizing the Yosano Brand, we will design and facilitate a "flow of people, materials, and information" in order to build an environment geared towards bringing out the creativity of the area's local resources.

Yosano Open Textile Project

Young weavers collaborate with creators from different industries to develop new opportunities in order to create prototypes and conduct research about Yosano's weaving industry.

Yosano Weaver

Informs people about the hidden potential that Yosano possesses as a textile production site through documentary footage featuring Yosano weavers who love their town and keep persevering in order to build a better future.


Oeyama mountan Range and Noda river

Oeyama mountain Range and the water comes from there grows the fertile ground of Yosano Town.

The Noda River is known for its salmon run. However the decline of the forestry industry has affected the ground, causing sediment runoffs and consequently decreasing the river's salmon population.

Chemical fertilizers and human sewage are also thought to be a cause of pollution in the Noda River and Aso Sea. One of the missions of Yosano Town is to work to solve this problem in order to become a sustainable society.

The Aso Sea

The Aso Sea is an inland sea cut off from Miyazu Bay by the Amanohashidate land bridge. The salinity of its waters is 2/3 of that of the open sea which makes it an ideal spawning location. Gold barrel sardines are known as a main product of the area..

Yosano started Sand Capping business in 1993.
The sea environment is improving as a result of the increasing the number of Benthos.

The Aso Sea Basin Vision was formulated in 2015 by the residents, concerned associations and government of Yosano Town and aims to encourage cooperation between these areas in order to improve the environment.

Tumuli Park

This ancient history park was established featuring the combined restorations of two national sites: the Ebisuyama Tumulus and the Tsukuriyama Tumulus.
As you stand on the hill you can think about the ancient Tango Kingdom that flourished in the area 1600 years ago.
Tumuli Park is evidence that Yosano Town has been blessed as a safe place to live since ancient times.
People have developed the many aspects of culture such as food, clothing and shelter over the years while constantly being blessed by natures` bountiful harvest.

Glass Bracelet

The Grass bracelet was unearthed from the Oburo Misami No.1 grave in the summer 1998.
This lapis lazuli colored bracelet is a precious treasure of the area signifying the prosperity of Tango Kingdom which thrived 1800 years ago.
It is thought to have been imported from mainland China, and is evidence that the activities of the Tango Kingdom spanned across a wide area.
The discovery of this bracelet also informs us that the people of the area were living luxurious lives filled with abundance.

Kyo-no Mamekko Mai

In Yosano, where natural circulation agriculture is practiced, we use Okara, the leftover ingredients from Tofu production, as the main ingredients for the fertilizer. In addition, the Okara is mixed with the active ingredient rice bran and mineral enriched rough fish. The organic fertilizer "kyo no mamekko" is then used to grow rice called "Kyono mamekko mai".

"Kyo no mamekko mai"(Koshihikari rice cultivated in the Tango area) has received an A+ rating a total of 12 times.

For rice field leveling, we are taking measures in order to prevent fertilizer runoff and keep water leakage at a minimum. We strive to consider the natural environment at all stages of rice production.

Silk Crepe

Developed as a result of the technology brought from Kyoto Nishijin during the Edo era, Yosano flourished as a production site for luxurious "Tango Silk Crepe" during the Meiji, Taisho and beginning of the Showa era. As a result of the humid climate and advanced yarn twisting technology, the silk crepe has unique texture and drapery.Recently, Yosano has been producing not only Tango Silk Crepe but also Jacquard which is used in the Maison of the world and hand woven fabrics strengthening its appeal as a world class producer of silk textile goods.


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